Asia Argento et Catherine Breillat : la guerre est déclarée


I made these portraits of La Breillat while we were shooting Une Vieille Maîtresse in Paris, Spring 2006. Catherine Breillat is the most sadistic and downright evil director Ive ever worked with. She took extreme pleasure on humiliating both her actors and crew during the shoot of The Last Mistress. She had just suffered a stroke and none of us had the courage to stand up against her cruelties in fear she would have another attack. She took advantage of her condition to try and manipulate us into her puppets. During the shoot I fell terribly ill and ended up at the hospital where I had to be operated. As I fought to stay alive with a terrible infection, she would come to visit me and tell me I would never work again because I made her stop shooting. One day we shot a scene in which she wanted me to strangle the main actor. She told us she would call cut before choking became dangerous. She said she knew when to stop because it was a practice she had done with her lovers before. During the scene she wouldnt say CUT, so the main actor almost fainted and then he took it on me. We got in a fist fight while Breillat sneered in the back. It was so creepy. I never told these things because I always thought that what happens on a film set stays on a film set, but she really pressed the wrong buttons by insulting Maria Schneiders truth, @jessicachastain, #BalanceTonPorc and the #metoo movement. I am sad and angered by these old school self proclaimed feminists. The French ones have proved to be the worst. Catherine Breillat... the writer of Bilitis, a film that rhapsodises child sex for rapist pedophile photographer David Hamilton, has no place in judging me. David Hamilton put a bag over his head and killed himself rather than face his accusers, six women who claimed he had raped and molested them as children. Will she be so vocal and eager to defend him and denounce his accusers as she does with Weinstein?

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Clash. "Catherine Breillat est la réalisatrice la plus sadique et diabolique avec laquelle j'ai jamais travaillé (...) elle est un monstre", écrit Asia Argento sur Instagram, qui a même publié un dessin qu'elle a fait d'elle en 2006. L'actrice et militante avait été taxée de menteuse par la réalisatrice après ses accusations à l'encontre d'Harvey Weinstein.